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Scientists in Science class

And the topic is... ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM!!!! What an interesting unit!

Why are we 'attracted' by magnets? Literally?? Who has never played with magnets and enjoyed them as children? And what about 'electricity'? ¡¡Tiene chispa!!

En 6º terminamos el curso con este tema tan interesante: Electricidad y Magnetismo. Dando un paso más allá y dejando atrás al circuito simple, nuestros alumnos han investigado para poder crear sus propias brújulas, sus frutas magnéticas, sus cochecitos o trenes... ¡¡e incluso han logrado hacer que un lapicero levite!!

AMAZING!! They, by themselves, in teams, have worked, gone into, read and tried... until they all have got their goals. The exhibitions have been fantastic, everybody has learnt a lot from the other groups, and lot of kids have thought about the possibility to become scientists in the future.